Site is school theater/auditorium, 500 seat, equipped with lighting, sound and stage rigging to 'fly' / hang items.

       Dimensions of theater: Dimensions of stage opening: 41.5 feet wide (to Torm edges, 52 feet to steel)- 13.5 feet to top curtain ( can be moved higher to edge of steel frame- 16 feet)

       Seating capacity of 500.

       Access aisles are rear, sides and left and right of center to pit in front of stage thrust.

       Access doors for crew are back stage left; for viewers, house right rear and house right front for handicap ramp access. Emergency exit to outdoors at house left rear and back stage right

       No windows, all doors.

       52'Line Callout 2 (No Border): Hallway

Green Room


Custodial Area

88 feetAll access points can be locked. There is staff in building from approx 7am till 11pm, weekdays.

12 foot pit


16 feet w

35 feet deep

Text Box: Aisles, no steps

Back stage, 2doors


Stage, 3' high


132 feet


Text Box: Out door emerg exitText Box: Main Access, 3 doors



Handicap Access ramp, one door


Aisle with steps


Control tower









       Furthest seat to projection screen is 72 feet.