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January/February, 2020

Hello to all Morris Families;

Warm winter greetings!  The long month of January is now a memory.

January 28th was the 90th day of the school year which means that we are now in the second half of the year!  Everyone here at Morris is working hard to teach and learn all that there is to accomplish throughout the year.

January was another busy month for the staff and students. If the weather stays reasonable, we should be hitting the 100th day of school on February 11th. It is a fun time for our youngest students as they celebrate using the hundreds place for the first time on their calendars!!  Since we are indeed in the 2nd half of the year, expect the pace to pick up and the material to get more challenging, all the more reason to be right on top of your child’s homework assignments to help them make their best progress.

This year’s state testing will once again be the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS assessment), also known as MCAS 2.0.  The testing window this year begins on March 30th and runs until May 22nd.   More specific dates for students in grades 3-5 are enclosed in this newsletter.  PLEASE make every effort to have your child in school on testing dates.  You can help their success by making sure that they have a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and are at school on time for the tests. All students in grades 3 – 5 will be taking the tests on the computer again this year.

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here and many classes have fun exchanging Valentine cards, please remember that we have an “all or none” policy so there aren’t sad children on this fun day.  This simply means that if your child wants to give out Valentines to classmates, he or she should include all of the classmates or choose to not give cards at all.  This is a day for showing kindness and caring. It also coincides with our “Acts of Kindness” theme for the week. Please contact your child’s teacher for a list of students in each class if your child will be giving out Valentines. Each teacher may have their own plans so it is good to make contact with them.

Hopefully, you have been able to remain as healthy as possible as we continue to venture through the flu season. We had been doing very well, but the last few weeks have been tough with many students being absent or dismissed due to illness. Please remind your children not to share food or utensils and promote frequent hand washing to keep those germs away! We have had cases of the flu, but are not seeing more than the normal amount for the year. I hope that we remain on the lighter side of winter illness and are out of the season sooner rather than later. We will be doing a lot of disinfecting during the upcoming vacation to help keep things at bay.  Please be sure to keep your child home if he/she is exhibiting signs of the flu or have any intestinal illness. They should be symptom free for at least 24 hours before returning to class.

Some upcoming dates to remember….

  • February vacation is the week of the 17th. Classes resume on 2/24
  • March 3rd is an Open House for incoming pre-K and kindergarten Parents or Guardians. (We ask that the children DO NOT attend this event.)
  • March 3rd and 13th are the next in-service dates. Both are a half day with dismissal at noon. (We usually start the parent pick-up at 11:50)
  • March 13th will also be kindergarten registration at Morris from 9 – 2
  • Report cards for the second term come out on March 17th.
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten Screening for new students from Lenox will take place during the week of March 23rd.

More news, notes & reminders…

Don’t get fooled by some of the mild temperatures we have had. The cold weather is still here!  Please be sure that your children come to school prepared to go outside for their recess. If the temperature and/or wind chill are dangerously low, we have indoor recess, but students will not be allowed to stay indoors because they are not properly dressed, so please have coats, hats, mittens, scarves and boots ready!!  After a long morning of hard work, the children need some fresh air and the chance to run around a bit, even if it is for a short time.

Stop in or remind your student to please check the “Lost & Found” on the stage in the cafeteria.  With all of the added winter clothing, the inventory is growing and all unclaimed items will be donated to charity during the February and April vacations.

Please remind your children that toys and electronic devices should not be brought to school.  Your help by checking backpacks in the morning would be greatly appreciated. Some students who go to the community center have brought items in for use there.  That is O.K., but those items need to remain in backpacks for the entire school day and while they are on the bus.

IMPORTANT!  Please be sure to call the school office at 637-5570 to update any changes to your address or telephone numbers so that our emergency contact information is accurate.


PTO news:

Upcoming PTO sponsored events:

Month of March – PAWS read-a-thon

Friday March 6th – Morris school dance Luau

Friday March 6th – Camp Raffle – (previously done at the talent show)

March 30th – Morris Science Fair

April 16 – Talent Show in the Duffin Theater at LMMHS

**More information will come home for each of these events; stay tuned!

Thank you,

Kim Winger


Coming in February…

  • 11th T.O. meeting – 6:00
  • 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • 15th – 23rd– February Vacation

** Monday, March 2nd is National Read Across America Day!


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and a wonderful February vacation!



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