School Safety

It is disheartening that our staff has to be worried how we are going to keep our students safe while they are in school. This is something that I would not have ever thought I would have to be dealing with at the start of my career in education. With the circumstances as they are in our society, it is now a harsh reality. As parents, we all have the same worry and would like to believe that when we send our children off to school, they are safe. While I cannot offer any guarantees, I can tell you that your children’s safety is the top priority for me and I will work hard to make sure that we can have the feeling that we are safe. We have many good pieces in place already with building security. It is something that we look at all the time. One area that I feel we need to work on is preparedness. We do need to conduct more practice drills so that if there is an emergency of any type, our entire school community is best prepared with our response to minimize the risk.
We do walk a fine line because we also do not want to instill a feeling of fear or not feeling safe, so our drills will be carefully planned and we will prepare our children in as thoughtful a way as possible.
As you may have heard, many schools are participating in walk-outs to express their stand for stricter gun policies and to bring more focus on school safety to our elected officials. At Morris, we will not be planning an event because it is the administration’s feeling that our children are too young to fully understand the whole situation and it is more of a home conversation about the tragedies that have led to these actions. I hope that we can preserve the beautiful innocence that children should be entitled to a while longer. We will however support students and staff that feel that this is a necessary thing for them to do. Personally, as the Principal of a school, the idea of announcing to the world that we will have our students and staff outside of the building at a certain date and time worries me. I don’t want to put our students in harms way.
I hope that you understand my feelings on this and I also hope that you realize that we will continue to make sure that our students, staff and families feel safe at Morris.
Sincerely, Peter Bachli – Principal