Scholarships arrive daily. It is a student’s responsibility to either apply on line when stated, or to pick up the application in guidance. Students are also responsible for gathering all required information and the actual mailings. Scholarship lists are posted on our web page and on the Senior Bulletin Board outside of the gym.

Seniors can receive a complete list from Mrs. Deets.

Almost every scholarship requires an essay and some even require teacher recommendations. Teachers and Guidance require at least a 10 days notice to have information ready for the student. Do not wait until the last minute as you might miss deadlines.

NameCriteriaApplicationDate Due
A scholarship website with many different optionsQualifications vary by scholarshipClick HereDeadlines vary by scholarship
A scholarship website with many different optionsQualifications vary by scholarship vary by scholarship
A Scholarships list website Qualifications vary by scholarship vary by scholarship
Alice and Richard Henriquez Memorial Fund14-22 year old resident of Berkshire Taconic area traveling internationally to work and live in community and promote international peace and justicehttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgJanuary 31, 2021
Ben Paley Scholarship FundBerkshire County resident pursuing a degree in musichttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Berkshire BankCommunity service- GPA 3.0, income under $100,000 31, 2021
Berkshire County Selectmen's Associationfinancial need, community service, academic accomplishments In guidanceMarch 12, 2021
Better Business Bureau Barbara J. Sinnott Student of Integrity Demonstrates a commitment to the ideals of the Better Business Bureau 31, 2021
BIG YBig Y customers and employees residing in Ct or MA. Academic and merit basedhttp://www.bigy.comFebruary 1, 2021
Boston University Trustee ScholarshipMerrit based for students that apply to and enroll at Boston 1, 2020
Christian A. Herter Memorial 10th or 11th graders with strong academic promiseIn guidanceFebruary 15, 2021
Coca Cola National ScholarshipHigh School Seniors 31, 2020
College BoardClass of 2021 students 28, 2021
Community Foundation of Western, MAmany scholarships for Western MA schools and educational loans
March 31, 2021
Creative Masonry National Scholarshipconsidering a career in construction, plumbing, carpentry or other skilled trades 1, 2020
Daughters of the American RevolutionSeveral scholarship opportunities with different criteria 31, 2021
Esther Samuels & Mabel Cornman EducationalLenox senior with Leadership and Community involvementhttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Guidos Fresh MarketplaceStudies in Physical Education, Health and Wellness or Businesshttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Henry David Thoreau MA Senior interested in environmental studies 1, 2021
Honorable James P. DohoneyLenox senior wishing to further their education at a two or four year schoolhttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Jackie Robinson Foundation ScholarshipHS senior, US citizen, community service involvement, financial need, 1, 2021
Jamie FundBerkshire county Senior pursuing music or vocational artshttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMach 15, 2021
Jim Glaser Law Jimmy Knows! ScholarshipMA resident accepted into or attending a college or university with at least a 3.0 GPA 30, 2021
Jo Ann Huntley MageeLenox senior in high academic standing that has been accepted to an accredited college or universiryhttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Lincoln Tech Students attending Lincoln Tech University
Mark Huber BasketballLenox Varsity Basketball senior furthering their educationhttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Michael Elihu Hedges MemorailLenox senior pursuing studies that encourage exploration, discovery, personal growth and the overall betterment of the communityhttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
National Honor Society Seniors NHS studetns in good standing 1, 2020
New World FundNew immigrant with leadership skills and financial need in the county less than 5 years attending BCC http://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 8, 2021
NIAAA Athletic Scholarshipsenior,good academics, 2+ sports, varsity letter in 2+ sports 10, 2021
Order of the Sons of Italy G Marconi Lodge #1620child or grandchild of lodge members or decedent of Frank A. Consolati Jr. or lodge memberIn guidanceApril 1, 2021
Order of the Sons of Italy Grand Lodge of MassachusettsMA senior intending to attend a four year institution 1, 2021
Price Chopper / Market 32 ScholarshipsSenior pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree, either a PC teammate or child/grandchild of a teammate or person with a disability or pursuing a business degree who resides in a PC market area. 28, 2021
Rhoda Rubin Memorial NursingBerkshire County resident planning to take Nursing at BCChttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Ronald Reagan National Scholarship3.0 GPA, US citizen, HS senior, leadership, integrity, citizenship and furthering your education 5, 2021
William J. NewtonBerkshire County residents pursuing training in trade and industrial fieldshttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
William StanleyBerkshire County resident based on academic achievement, community service and financial need.http://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021
Women's Club of Berkshire CountyCollege bound senior or transfer student pursuing a career that will benefit girls in Berkshire Countyhttp://www.berkshiretaconic.orgMarch 15, 2021