Quiz Team Blender Bowl Champs again!!

The Blender Bowl is a full day high School Quiz team tournament where schools put forth 4-person teams that meet in head-to-head matches.  Matches feature unique question sets requiring sometimes unorthodox, or blended, responses.  This year 10 schools put forth 16 teams (Lenox had 3 teams representing).  In addition to Lenox, private and public schools competing included Pope Francis Prep, Hampshire High, Westfield High, Greens Farms Academy, Frontier Regional High, Ludlow High, Suffield Academy, Gateway Regional High and Windsor.

The Lenox team consisting of junior Daniel Munch, sophomore Fiona Mathews, and seniors Julie Monteleone and Isaac Tabakin were the champions of the day, winning all 6 of their matches.  Lenox won this competition last year also among a 10 school field.

Pictured below are the students from the Lenox teams.  In the front from left to right are Danny, Fiona, Julie and Isaac with their medals and trophy.  Behind, from left to right, Jonathon Tran, Ely Hochfelder, Ted Yee, Ahmed Okour, Collin Young, and Ely Carroll.  In the back row are Julianne Harwood (left) and Kendall Lamm.