Another Successful PSAT Test Day!

The PSAT went incredibly well today. All 10th and 11th graders were present and on time as expected. They were by far the most well behaved group in all the years we have been administering the PSAT in school. In total, we tested 122 students in just under 4 hours. The PSAT measures college readiness based on a student’s reading, mathematics and writing skills. The test is used to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses and creates a targeted study plan in preparation for the SAT. Test takers receive personalized test analysis and feedback with their scores. Students that take the PSAT score higher on their SAT. Comprehensive results are released in December.

Administering the PSAT test is a big undertaking every year, so a big thanks goes out to the Guidance Staff, Carol Deets, Bobbi Omelenchuck, David Hilfiger, Tara Romeo and Pam Ritrosky for all their help, especially with logistics and seating the students. Thanks to the Health and Wellness Faculty for the use of the gym and Sarah Burdsall and Eric Tyer for lending a hand today. Joan Schultz and Anne Engelberger were a huge help again this year, showing up always at the right moments. A final shout out to Brian Cogswell. Without him, we would have been short calculators and a PA system. Most of all, we thank the Juniors and Sophomores for their commitment to the pursuit of excellence.