Progress Reports

This week is the mid-point of Term One and progress reports are issued this week. This term’s progress reports should be found in the Parent Portals by October 3rd by viewing the Classroom Tab, selecting the Class and then clicking on Progress Report. If your student is in danger of failing or failing, you will be mailed the progress report from the Guidance Office.

Most major subjects, such as English, mathematics, social studies, science and world language, will post progress report for all students. Elective courses, such as art, music, technology, wood and health and wellness courses with mixed groupings will only report progress if improvement is needed.

The progress report enables students, parents, and teachers to be accountable for student outcomes and improvement. It is a tool that, along with other information, can assist parents and students in choosing actions to improve learning and academic performance. Each Progress Report is intended to be a snapshot of a student’s performance.