Here we go!!

We look forward to starting school next week!! 6th graders are invited for an orientation on Wednesday, August 29th to meet their mentors and get a look around the school. This orientation will run from 11:00-12:00 and will start in the cafeteria. All students will be starting classes on Thursday, August 30th with a regular class rotation (see below). Students should be in their A period classes at 7:43 where a schedule of their classes will be waiting for them. All students, including the Middle School, will be following the same drop rotation.

The school looks great and we are all excited to have you back!! See you next Thursday!

Thursday, August 30                        Friday, August 31

A4 (7:45-8:45)                                    B4 (7:45-8:45)

B3 (8:48-9:46)                                    C4 (8:48-9:46)

C3 (9:49-10:47)                                  D4 (9:49-10:47)

1st Lunch (10:50-11:20)                    1stLunch (10:50-11:20)

E4 (11:23-12:21)                                 F4 (11:23-12:21)

F3 (12:24-1:22)                                   G4 (12:24-1:22)

E4 (10:50-11:48)                                 F4 (10:50-11:48)

2nd Lunch (11:51-12:21)                    2nd Lunch (11:51-12:21)

F3 (12:24-1:22)                                  G4 (12:24-1:22)

E4 (10:50-11:48)                                F4 (10:50-11:48)

F3 (11:51-12:49)                                G4 (11:51-12:49)

3rd Lunch (12:52-1:22)                      3rd Lunch (12:52-1:22)

G3 (1:26-2:24)                                    H4 (1:26-2:24)