Library Visitors

This spring we were honored to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Pinkney to speak with our sixth grade students.  The Pinkneys are world-famous authors and illustrators (Mr. Pinkney recently won the Caldecott Medal for his adaptation of The Lion and the Mouse); they enthralled students with their artwork and their stories.

Students were also able to meet Mr. Jarrett Krosoczka, best-selling author of the Lunch Lady graphic novels who addressed the students (and later faculty) about his work and artistic process.  Ms. Karen Romeo-Leger’s seventh grade students were able to participate in a hands-on drawing workshop with him.

It was amazing to watch how fascinated students were by the opportunity to work closely with these great storytellers and artists.  How lucky we are to be able to provide our students with such rich learning opportunities; many thanks to the Norman Rockwell Museum for facilitating our meeting with the Pinkneys, and for our administration for inviting Mr. Krosoczka to our school.