Thank you, LMMHS and community!

This past week, members of S.A.V.E. conducted a series of fundraisers all with the aim of raising money for the foundation Give a Heart to Africa. These fundraisers were organized on behalf of Lenox alum and former S.A.V.E. member Lucy Schwartz, who is currently an active participant of Give a Heart. As a volunteer, Lucy will be travelling for the second time to Tanzania in order to teach at a school in Moshi, Tanzania for women. With the aim of providing the next generation of females the tools they need to be economically independent, Lucy will once again volunteer as a teacher. Through the combined efforts of an after school bake sale and a bring-a-buck day (which included a morning drop-off line coin collection), a total of $822.92 was raised. Well done, Lenox! This money will go towards buying supplies and necessities for the Tanzanian school. LMMHS wishes Lucy Schwartz luck and success on her upcoming trip to Tanzania!