Thank You LMMHS Faculty and Staff for Your Dedication to Student Success!

Please look into the link from US News and Reports about our school:

As Principal, I am very pleased to receive this recognition for the past four years. The following three points have been instrumental in maintaining a high performing school in our small community:

First, I thank the Town of Lenox for their continued financial support of our school. By fully funding the middle and high school, we are given the ability to meet the needs of ALL LEARNERS through a personalized education process.

Second, I am blessed to work with strong internal leadership, comprised of department chairs and middle school grade level team leaders. Through shared decision-making and data review, our outstanding LMMHS faculty and staff adapt programs and curriculum to provide multiple pathways for successful teaching and learning.

Third, it speaks to the school culture that is comprised of the classroom experience, combined with strong extra-curricular clubs and athletic programming that develops resilient students that are driven to succeed. These strong programs exist through the support of school choice.


Michael Knybel, Principal


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