Donations – Well Done LMMHS!!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Community Service Project last week for those in need. We were able to put together 74 complete care packages each including a toothbrush, 2 tubes of toothpaste, soap, a razor, shampoo, a comb, a deodorant and an emory board. We were able to add a facecloth and lotion to more than 20 of the packages as well. Overall, we had the following donated: 111 toothbrushes, 175 tubes of toothpaste, 79 soaps, 25 lotions, 103 razors, 74 shampoos, 70 deodorants, 107 combs, 80 emory boards and 20 facecloths.

We will be able to put together 27 smaller packages as well including a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and a comb. Special thanks to the HS and MS Student Council for putting the packages together. They will be delivered to Barton’s Crossing Homeless Shelter, The Elizabeth Freeman Center and Our Friend’s House Emergency Shelter to help those in need. Well done LMMHS!!