Fun in Accounting Class

On January 30th, Natalia Smirnova, from the American Institute of Economic Research, came into Mrs. Barber’s accounting class to give them background knowledge and preparation on how stocks and bonds work in our economic system.  You can read the article published in the January 31st issue of  The Economist, “Learning as a Core Skill” at: We want to thank Ms. Smirnova for coming in and preparing us for the Stock Market Challenge that will begin on February 2nd.

Tess Sorrentino from the Adams Community Bank in Lenox also went into Mrs. Barber’s accounting class to talk to them about savings, checking accounts, debt cards, credit cards, etc… The students wanted to decorate their piggy banks, after talking about saving money. Some are very good about putting money into them on a daily bases.  Others, didn’t even put in a penny but an IOU.  The students will be doing it for a month to see how much they save.