Classics Day Trip

On Friday, January 20, Latin students from schools throughout the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley spent the day at Mount Holyoke College participating in workshops and competitions relating to the history, language, and culture of ancient Rome and Greece. We are proud of all our Lenox students who participated, many of whom competed on a certamen team (like a quiz team), in the oral interpretation contest (memorization and recitation of a Latin passage), in the costume contest (dressed as a figure from ancient history or mythology) or created a piece for the art contest in one of six categories. We are also excited to have some winners!

Novice Oral Interpretation: 3rd place: Jacob Munch

Advanced Poetry Oral Interpretation: 1st place: Joe Bouvier, 3rd place: Alex Hsu

Advanced Certamen (quiz team): 2nd place: Joe Bouvier, Shannon Meisberger, Rosemary Pehlert & Elias Williams

Sculpture: 2nd place: Luke Bartini, Josef Collins & Elias Williams

Painting: 3rd place: Nora Mathews & Ava Williams