Good News Regarding Lenox Art Students

Good morning, Superintendent Lee and Principal Knybel—

This is Mary Jane Mattina, a long-time Lenox resident and member of the Lenox Library’s Board of Trustees, emailing you.

Yesterday, four students from LMMHS–Sophie Usow, Lindsay Belair, Tova Brown and Alice Huth—together with their teacher, Lesliejohn Roche, spent the day at the Lenox Library. No, they were not playing hooky, but were making an enormous contribution to the Library. At my request and after quite a bit of arrangements by Ms Roche, the students arrived at 8:00 a.m. to design and paint a sign for the Library’s in-house bookstore, The Book Nook. Here is the group working together at the start of the day on the project:

Six hours later the sign was complete and myself and everyone who has seen it to date are absolutely delighted with the outcome. This will be a project to last well into the future for the participants to visit over and over again and relish their enhancement of the Library and their contribution to the community. The four young women were a pleasure to have in the Library for the day; the project would not have materialized without the preparation and guidance by Lesliejohn. These students and teacher are a real tribute to the Town of Lenox.

I will not include a picture of the finished product, since I hope that both of you will come to the Library very soon to see and enjoy it firsthand. And while you are there, perhaps you might find books in The Nook that you absolutely must have to give as gifts or enjoy yourself!

Keep up all your work to make our schools the outstanding foundation of the Lenox community. And happy holidays.

Mary Jane Incorvia Mattina