Congratulation to our Students of the Quarter for Term II

Elise Schilling, Grade 6 – Elise is an amazingly self-motivated student.  She shows initiative and enthusiasm for her work, digging deep into text and making connections.  She reached out to an author for a project and she now has an on-going correspondence that demonstrates her commitment to ideas.  She inspires her peers with empathy and energy, and is a leader in class and clubs.


Alice Huth, Grade 11 – Alice is a team player, always willing to help out in any way and follow through. She is dedicated to anything she sets out to do and sets her goals high taking risk. She excels in many ways across the curriculum, works hard and never complains if she feels overloaded. For example, students might have many classes with assignments due, sports, (and of course the Arts), and on, a lot of chatter and worries and negativity toward the over loading work and teachers. Alice always has a good thing to say or way that it will work; she can organize her thoughts respectfully as not to hurt anyone with great results. Alice is caring about others, has a humbling halo over her head. She is a wonderful girl, student, friend, team member.