Blind Date with a Book event

blind_date_bookIt has been a bizarre winter in New England, to say the least, and we wanted to do something to shake things up and get us out of the winter doldrums. To that end, we hosted a Blind Date with a Book event: we wrapped some new books that were hot off the press, added some neon ribbon and conversation heart stickers, and displayed them near the library’s entrance. We gave away some essential information on the wrapping paper (e.g, young adult fiction, mystery, girl named Friday seeking adventure) but little else. Students were encouraged to check out books and enjoy their blind dates at home!

This display was incredibly successful; we couldn’t wrap the books fast enough to keep up with demand! I hope that a few readers were introduced to new authors or new genres they weren’t familiar with, while snuggled up with their books as the freezing rain beat against their windowpanes.