How We Make Decisions

How do we make decisions about our COVID-19 plans?

A Collaborative Approach

The leadership of the Lenox Public Schools works in close coordination with multiple teams of experts and stakeholders to make decisions concerning our response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.


The more complex a decision or challenge, the more likely it is, that we need people with different expertise and specialization.

Who Do We Meet With?

District leadership meets frequently with two groups. The first is an ad-hoc committee comprised of doctors and public health experts from local hospitals, the Lenox Board of Health and the Tri-Town Health Department. The second group is the Joint Labor and Management Committee that is made up of representatives from the teachers' union, school nurses, district administration, the Board of Health, and the School Committee. Advice and suggestions from these groups along with parent and staff surveys have led to the creation of products like the LPS Masking Policy for the Fall of 2021 and the multi-layered approach of LPS COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for 2021-2022.

Wear Face Mask

Lenox School Committee Adopts Masking Policy for 2021-2022

Game plan

LPS COVID Mitigation Strategies 2021-2022