AV Resources

Lenox Memorial Middle and High School
Duffin Theatre

image324A/V & Tech resources:

Kramer 725DSA Video Scaler/switcher DVI feeds 3500 lumen SXGA+ projector.

Creation Station Rack XT i7 PC with latest MS Office and Audio/Visual applications to streamline presentations

Remote Gyration Mouse and Keyboard

NEC Multi-Sync video projector, on remote controlled ceiling scissor lift.

InFocus LP 860 3LCD Data Projector, native resolution 1400×1050, also on scissor lift.image3251

Overhead screen, remote controlled to hide or show (front projection 13.5’ width).

RGB/sync connection to projector, accessible at lip of stage, for stand- alone laptop presentations

XGA &Composite video connection to projector in booth through Kramer Scaler output as DVI signal.

*Portable LCD, multi-scan projector, high output

5.1 sound reinforcement with subwoofer

can provide center, house front L/R and house rear L/R. Subwoofer

channel is internally routed.

All JBL loudspeakers

Wedge-type JBL 15” 2 way monitor speakers for talent fold back, 2 channels, extraimage327

mixes available to powered JBL speakers.

4 wireless Beyerdynamic VHF microphone channels configurable to either handheld or head-worn and 2 ‘tie clip’ style

4 Beyerdynamic TG 20X cardioid microphones, hand held/stand

3 CAD ST-100 Boundary mics for discrete placement/stage use

2 systems Audio Technica 3000 UniPacks with Lavaliere or Hand held dynamic adaptor

5 D.I. boxes that accept wide range of input levels

2 Shotgun Condenser microphones – AT 815bimage329

4 Condenser super cardioid, hand held/stand microphones AT 837R

8 microphone boom stands, and 6 desktop style

VHS recorder/player stereo-HiFi

DVD player/recorder can do 5.1 audio surround

TASCAM CC-222MKII CD Recorder/Player Cassette player/recorder combo

Sony MiniDisk recorder/player MDS E 58

24 input, 8 buss Sound Craft Spirit Ghost mixer

8 channels of Level Match/iso transformers +4/-10dB

24 channel snake/stage boximage331

16 channels of headphone amplification

2 Channels dBX compression

4 Channels Sabine Feedback Eliminator

2 M-Audio large diaphragm condenser mics

BSS Soundweb Digital signal router/crossover network that feeds over 6,000 watts of QSC PowerLight amplification

Graphic Equalization for all main outputs

Audio & Video patch bays for custom configuration/routingimage333

ClearCom, 5 station, single channel intercom packs,

with patch-able program feed

Secondary PC in booth, with Video I/O, can function as DVR with local CATV

Ethernet connections to web available on stage, and tech booth

WiFi access available (firewalled with over-rides arranged in advance)

Alesis adat HD 24 Multi-track, hard-disc based recorder with firewire offload interface. Can be configured for live/studio record or mix down

Lectern with adjustable height, built in mini PA, light

*Elmo Video presenters (table top title cameras with NTSC video out)

*Carousel style side projectors available

*Overhead projectors available

*16mm/optical sound Super 8mm mag/optical sound Film projectors available

*Camcorders, Digital 8mm, Mini DV and VHS full sizeimage335

1 Lycium Midget, 1kw follow-spot light

ETC & Strand spotlights, ETC Par, ETC Parnel, 4-3 cell Cyclorama fixtures

*Portable projection screens

*Video & audio tie-lines at various locations in theater tied to major locations within entire school

4 input video switcher/special effects unit to produce multi camera programs

Chairs and tables, telephone

Ability to feed in-house programs to CTSB TV, channels –live or taped.

Williams Infrared Assistive listening transmitter and wireless headsets

Strand LBX, 72 fader, 24 sub-master, 199 cue lighting console

Strand Century 192 Channel Dimmer Racks controlled via DMX 512 interface

Outlook architectural dimming system linked to theatrical systemimage337

Lighting grid access, via full catwalk.

Hydraulic personnel lift,

5 – 3 circuit stage pockets, side booms, and 4 free-standing, 10’ 50pound base,

movable booms.

Twin Spin gobo rotator

Hi power strobe light

NOTE: *Asterisk items require advance arrangement/request.