COVID-19 Update 3/16


This is Lenox Superintendent of Schools William Cameron.

I am calling because we have received calls asking whether the Lenox Public Schools plans to remain closed at least until April 7, in conformity with Gov. Baker’s order.

Please be advised that the Lenox Public Schools will indeed remain closed at least until April 7, as the Massachusetts Governor has ordered.

In addition, in order to comply with the Lenox Town Administrator’s rules regarding public access to Town Hall during the Coronavirus epidemic, please be informed that until further notice the Town Hall, and therefore the Lenox Public Schools central offices, will not be accessible to the public. If you need to speak face to face with me or someone else in the central office then please call (413) 637-5550 to make an appointment.

Finally, I want to make you aware that we have posted on the Lenox Public Schools website an article by a public health expert regarding specific actions we as parents and citizens should take in working to slow the spread of the Corona virus. The article describes what should and should not be done to achieve
social distancing.” I ask that you take the time to read it, for it has what I believe to be a great deal of useful information.

Thank you for your support and for doing your part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.