School Committee Meetings

Office of the Superintendent

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School Committee Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

DayDatePossible AgendasAgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
ThursdayAugust 25, 2016Annual Goals Retreat

MondayAugust 29, 2016General MeetingAgendaMinutes
MondaySeptember 19, 2016Opening of School Reports & Enrollment, Staffing Reports, GoalsAgendaMinutes
MondayOctober 17, 2016Official Enrollment for State Dept.
School Improvement Plans and School State Reports
MondayNovember 14, 2016Pre-Budget Discussion and Capital Plan Discussion for FY16-FY18 AgendaMinutes
MondayDecember 12, 2016Budget Forecast and Discussion
Superintendent Goals Mid-cycle Update & Review
AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayJanuary 9, 2017C.I.C Report to School CommitteeAgendaMinutes
MondayJanuary 23, 2017FY17-FY19 Budget Overview Presentation by Superintendent
and budget books to School Committee
MondayFebruary 6, 2017Elementary & SPED Budget PresentationsAgendaMinutesMinutes
MondayFebruary 13, 2017Secondary Budget PresentationAgenda
MondayFebruary 27, 2017District Budget Presentations, 2017-2018 School Year
Calendar Draft
Meeting Cancelled
MondayMarch 13, 2017Post Public Notice of Final Budget Hearing for next meeting, Budget Deliberation, 2017-2018 School Year Calendar Draft
MondayMarch 27, 2017Official Public Hearing, Final Budget Vote, Budget Executive Summary
MondayApril 10, 2017Meeting Cancelled
MondayApril 24, 2017Approval of 2017-2018 School Year Calendar
ThursdayMay 4, 2017Annual Town Meeting (Always the 1st Thursday of May)Not a SC Meeting
MondayMay 15, 2017Annual Election of Officers
MondayJune 5, 2017 School Improvement Plan Results, Superintendent’s Goals
End-Cycle Presentation and Evaluation
MondayJune 19, 2017TBD
MondayJune 6, 2016School Improvement Plan Results, Superintendent Goals, End-Cycle Presentation and EvaluationAgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayMay 16, 2016 Annual Election of OfficersAgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
ThursdayMay 5, 2016Annual Town MeetingNo Meeting
MondayApril 25, 2016Evaluation of Superintendent Review, Enrollment updateAgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayMarch 28, 2016Official Public Hearing, Approval of 2016-2017 School Year CalendarAgendaMinutes
MondayMarch 21-Cancelled
MondayMarch 14, 2016Budget Presentation: District Administration and Operations & Maintenance

AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayFebruary 29, 2016Secondary & District Budget Presentations, 2016-2017 School Year Calendar DraftAgendaMinutes
MondayFebruary 8, 2016Elementary and SPED Budget PresentationsAgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayJanuary 25, 2016FY16-FY18 Budget Overview Presentation by Superintendent and budget books to SCAgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayJanuary 11, 2016C.I.C. Report to School CommitteeAgendaMinutes
MondayDecember 7, 2015Budget Forecast and Discussion, Superintendent Goals Mid-Cycle Update & ReviewAgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayNovember 16, 2015TBD – No meeting
MondayNovember 4, 2015Joint Mtg –with BOS – School Committee VacancyAgendaMinutes
MondayNovember 2, 2015Pre-Budget Discussion and Capital Plan Discussion for FY16-FY18AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondayOctober 19, 2015
School Improvement Plans and School State ReportsAgendaMinutes
MondayOctober 5, 2015Official Enrollment for State Department AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
MondaySeptember 28, 2015Opening of School Reports & Enrollment, Staffing Reports, GoalsAgendaMinutes
WednesdaySeptember 9, 2015Annual Goal RetreatAgendaMinutes

School Subcommittee Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

TuesdayJanuary 317:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomLearning & TeachingAgenda
TuesdayJanuary 316:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomSchool Culture
WednesdayJanuary 117:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomFinanceAgenda
WednesdayJanuary 11, 20176:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomGovernance & LeadershipAgenda
WednesdayDecember 147:00pmMorris CafeFinanceAgendaPublic Forum - No Minutes
WednesdayNovember 307:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomFinanceAgendaMinutes
ThursdayNovember 107:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomFinanceAgendaMinutes
ThursdayNovember 106:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomGovernance & LeadershipAgendaMinutes
WednesdayOctober 267:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomGovernance & LeadershipAgendaMinutes
WednesdayOctober 266:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomFinanceAgendaMinutes
MondayOctober 246:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomLearning & TeachingAgenda
MondayOctober 245:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomSchool CultureAgenda
ThursdayOctober 136:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomHuman ResourcesAgendaMinutes
ThursdayOctober 66:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomHuman ResourcesAgendaMinutes
WednesdayOctober 57:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomFinanceAgendaMinutes
WednesdayOctober 56:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomGovernance & LeadershipAgendaMinutes
ThursdaySeptember 296:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomLearning & TeachingAgendaMinutes
ThursdaySeptember 295:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomSchool CultureAgendaMinutes
WednesdaySeptember 216:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomFinanceAgendaMinutes
WednesdaySeptember 146:00pmSuperintendent's Conference RoomFinanceAgendaMinutes
WednesdayApril 27Governance and LeadershipAgendaMinutes
WednesdayApril 27FinanceAgendaMinutes
WednesdayApril 6School Culture & Community RelationsAgendaMinutes
TuesdayMarch 22Governance and LeadershipAgendaMinutes
TuesdayMarch 22FinanceAgenda

TuesdayFebruary 23Learning & TeachingagendaMinutes
TuesdayFebruary 23School Culture & Community RelationsAgendaMinutes
WednesdayJanuary 20FinanceAgendaMinutes
WednesdayJanuary 20Governance-Leadership & FinanceAgendaMinutes
TuesdayJanuary 19Learning & TeachingAgendaMinutes
TuesdayJanuary 19, 2016School Culture & Community RelationsAgendaMinutes

2016-2017 School Committee Meetings Agenda & Minutes are also available at the Superintendent’s Office.