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November News!

Welcome to Tech Talk…sharing news about Morris School Technology offerings.
Lots of exciting news in the Technology Lab lately!
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Update on Classroom Equipment…

Morris School is continuing to make progress toward an iPad or laptop cart for each grade level.

  • Grades 4 and 5 each have their own laptop cart for student use.
  • Grades 2 and 3 share an iPad cart with external keyboards.
  • Grades Pre-K, K and 1 share an iPad cart.

All carts have individually bagged headphones for student use.

google-docLPS Google Docs & Google Classroom for Grades 3, 4 and 5

Last year the Lenox Public Schools officially became a Google School with the soft launch of LPS Google Drive and Google Classroom for all 4th and 5th graders. We are continuing the process of implementing Google for the upper grades and anticipate adding grade 3 in a few weeks. Google Docs is a web-based editing program that allows users to create, share, collaborate, and edit documents through a secure, networked cloud based system. Students can now access their school documents from home via our school website using their school username and password. Note that several features have been disabled for the elementary grades such as e-mail and chat. Ask your 4th or 5th grade child about LPS Google Docs today!

Morris MakerSpace

A new club is forming for grade 3 in the Tech Lab – Morris MakerSpace – based on the popular maker movement. What is a MakerSpace?  A MakerSpace creates opportunities for kids to explore and learn through play and experimentation. MakerSpaces are cross-disciplinary with elements of art, science, technology, engineering, math, and hands-on craftsmanship. They are all about open ended creativity and making. In MakerSpaces kids become “thinkers and tinkers” where imagination rules – every child a maker! Students will explore 3D fabrication with FabStudio and a digital paper cutter, creative electronics with Little Bits and Little Bits Gizmos and Gadgets, create cardboard crafts with MakeDo, design and build robots with WeDo Robots from Lego Education…and more. If all goes well, we hope to offer MakerSpace for grades 4 and 5 later in the year. So put on your Maker Cap and make something!

Roboanimal-alliestics Club for Grade 5
(Followed later in the year for Grade 4)

Robotics Club for students in grade 5 will begin shortly with Animal Allies. Loosely based on the US First Lego League Challenge, students in grade 5 are invited to explore several robotic challenges and the MindStorm EV3 robotics system.

codeComing Soon – Hour of Code!

Coming in December…Hour of Code; for the third year in a row, students at Morris School (K through 5) are participating in the global Hour of Code, providing students the opportunity to explore computer science with thousands of other students across the world.

Curriculum News

Students in all grades are busy learning/practicing how to edit with the goal of creating a polished document. In the lower grades students are practicing punctuation, capitalization, and soon creating sentences and paragraphs with accompanying drawn images, clip art, or photographs. Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 are practicing editing skills and becoming familiar with Microsoft Office and Google Docs.


Please encourage your children to practice their keyboarding skills placing their hands on home row using proper touch typing techniques. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released new curriculum frameworks that set the words per minute goal of 3 times a grade level for students in grades 3 through 5.  It is expected that by the end of the school year, students in grade 3 will keyboard 15 words per minute, students in grade 4 will keyboard 20 words per minute, and students in grade 5 will keyboard 25 words per minute. Here at Morris School we subscribe to Typing Quest, an online typing program. Students are invited to work on lessons at home, logging in with their username and password. You can access Typing Quest from our school website.

Happy Fall to All!
Mrs. Jezak – Morris School Technology Specialist