Health Office Update

Here we are again, entering the cold weather, and the beginning of the holiday season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. As we close up our homes and move celebrations indoors, we increase the likelihood of spreading illness.

We have all been focused on the Covid-19 virus, but please remember that there are other illnesses in our community as well. Both schools have been experiencing large numbers of students with symptoms of viral colds and stomach bugs.

Please remember to communicate illness symptoms with your school nurse, this enables the nurses to review follow up required for return to school; fever free for 24 hrs., able to wear a mask comfortably with nasal congestion, able to control their cough, in need of doctor’s note or a PCR test for clearance to return to school. As always, the best place to be is at home when you are sick.

We encourage everyone to consider getting your family vaccinated against the Flu, and of course to talk to your medical practitioner about, when and whether, the Covid-19 vaccine is appropriate for you and your children.

Our focus in the Health Offices, at both schools, is to keep our school community as healthy and safe as possible, allowing for our students to remain engaged, and benefit from everything Lenox schools have to offer, from academics to extracurricular activities.

We have updated the Covid-19 resources for families. I am including a shortcut link here:

The first three informational pages are pertinent for this school year, 2021-2022. On the school’s websites, LMMHS and Morris, the Health Services tab under Departments and Services is a great place to find information and updates.

Communication between home and school is the safeguard to keeping our community, and our students, healthy and thriving.

Health and Happiness to all,

Jen Drees, BSN RN NCSN and Kathleen Shove, BSN RN

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