Truck-Bicyclist Collision at LMMHS Dismissal Time

As some of you may know, an accident involving a bicyclist and a truck occurred today at around the LMMHS dismissal time at the intersection of East Street and Housatonic Street.  It was a very serious accident.

Rumors began to circulate shortly thereafter that the victim was a Lenox Public Schools student.  A number of calls requesting information were made to LMMHS.  At that time there was nothing to confirm or disconfirm.

The Lenox Police Department subsequently informed me that these rumors are untrue.  The LPD has confirmed that the bicyclist was not a Lenox Public Schools student.

Nevertheless, the collision occurred shortly after dismissal at LMMHS.  It may therefore be the case that students were in the vicinity, or may actually have witnessed what took place. If any LMMHS student saw what happened, or is otherwise upset because of the accident, or if any other Lenox student finds what happened to be difficult to deal with, then you should know that school adjustment and guidance counselors will be available tomorrow at school to offer assistance.

This terrible occurrence offers parents and students an opportunity to revisit the safe operation of a bicycle.  The accident victim, whose identity is not known to me, surely did not envision this happening.  I would suggest that the bicyclist is deserving of our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your attention.

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