As the April break approaches we are learning from students that many more families seem to be planning travel to destinations outside of Massachusetts than our school nurses have yet been informed of.  For safety reasons I want to call your attention again to the procedures parents and students are to follow in case they travel out-of-state for more than 24 hours over the April break.

The information in this regard that you were sent on March 29 appears in the remainder of the e-mail version of this message.  If you have any questions about anything included in those requirements then please contact the LMMHS school nurse (Jennifer Drees, <>, [413] 637-6600) or the Morris Elementary School nurse (Kathleen Shove, <>, [413]  637-7700).

Thank you for your cooperation.  Best wishes for Patriots’ Day and the rest of next week.

1.  Effective immediately, if you plan to travel out of Massachusetts and you, as a staff member, or your LPS student are not among those who are exempt (see no. 2, below), we ask that you do the following before returning to work or school in the LPS district:

A.            Let your school nurse (Kathleen Shove at Morris Elementary School, Jennifer Drees at LMMHS) know where and when you are travelling;

B. Upon returning to Massachusetts either:

a.  Quarantine until you can obtain and receive the results of a PCR test, obtained in Massachusetts (see for local sites); or, if you prefer not to test, then

b.  Quarantine for ten (10) calendar days before re-entering school; returning on the date provided by the school nurse based on your travel dates, and only if asymptomatic during quarantine.

C.  Provide your school nurse with a negative PCR test that was obtained upon returning to Massachusetts, prior to re-entering school.

2.  Travelers in the following categories are exempt from the quarantine and testing advisory described in no. 1, above:

A.                  Anyone who is returning to Massachusetts after being out of Massachusetts for fewer than 24 hours;

B.                  Anyone, age 16 or older, who is fully vaccinated. You are considered to be fully vaccinated two (2) weeks after a second dose in a two-dose series (e.g., the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines), or two (2) weeks after a single does vaccine (e.g., Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine). If you are fully vaccinated you are not required to quarantine or test after out-of-state travel.
NOTE: No one under the age of 16 falls into this category. Parent vaccination exemption does not qualify as a LPS student’s exemption to test or quarantine, as noted above (see #1)

C.                  Anyone who is COVID recovered. If you have previously tested positive for COVID, you will be exempt from testing and quarantine between the 10th and to 90th days of your positive test results, as long as you are not symptomatic and have provided the school with a copy of your positive test result.

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