LMMHS will be closed to staff and the general student population through Friday, April 9, 2021.  A meeting took place this morning involving the Massachusetts Dept. of Labor Standards; Gem Environmental, Inc. which is performing the work of containing and removing what all are treating as material containing asbestos; EcoGenesis, which is overseeing the project and conducting air quality sampling; the LMMHS administration and central office administrators,; the Lenox Town Administrator; and the chairperson of the Lenox School Committee.  At that meeting I learned that Monday, April 12 is the earliest plausible date for middle school students and school personnel to return safely to the facility.   That date may be pushed back farther if circumstances warrant.

Much work has been done in alleviating the problem.  The Dept. of Labor Standards expressed satisfaction with the pace and quality of the work that has been done to date.  Unfortunately, much remains to be done room by room and in certain common areas in the oldest part of the facility, before we can reopen even a portion of the school for educational activities involving the general population and staff.

I have several times described what we as a school community are dealing with as an earthquake’s occurring during a hurricane.  We seem unable to catch a break.  But based on today’s meeting I believe that we are making headway in alleviating a problem that, if not addressed, could possibly pose a risk down the road to the safety of all those who work and study at LMMHS.  I do not regret our taking the necessary steps to ensure that safety.  I do regret that it is taking as long as has and as it promises to take before we can resume educating children and young people in LMMHS.  It is one more major disruption in a thoroughly disrupted school year.

I will advise you of the status of the progress being made at the end of next week

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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