This is William Cameron, the Superintendent of Schools in Lenox.  In addition to a School Messenger call, you will have received already an e-mail version of this message sent this afternoon.  This message will also be posted on the LMMHS and district websites.

Circumstances change plans.  It had originally been my intention to have students attend school at LMMHS tomorrow (Tuesday, March 16), and to begin remote instruction and the abatement work the following day.  Nevertheless, in the interests of the safety of staff and students, LMMHS, which is fully remote today, will be fully remote tomorrow, as well.  This re version to fully remote instruction will continue until further notice.  

I have made this decision in consultation with the school’s administrators, who think it advisable to do as I have described.  Last night’s high winds led to particulate matter appearing in places at the school where it had not been seen before.  In light of the additional work that appears now to be necessary at LMMHS, and in the interest of ensuring the safety of students and staff, it is best, in my judgment, that we switch to fully remote instruction as soon as possible.  It remains our  hope that we will be back to school in person on Tuesday, March 23.  This is, however,  an aspiration at the moment, not a prediction.

We hope that advancing the date when  contractors who’ll perform the remedial work and determine the safety of our resuming in-person instruction can get started will gain us a day toward their completing that work, allowing us to resume  in-person instruction.

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