Student/Staff Pooled Testing

Parents of students under the age of 18, students 18 or older, and all employees of the Lenox Public Schools are receiving today a copy of a consent form to use for participation in pooled testing for the COVID-19 virus.  Broad participation in weekly pooled testing by students and school employees will help make schools a safer environment by detecting the presence of the virus among those tested.

Pooled testing is voluntary.  No one is required to participate.  Only those who submit a consent form agreeing to participate may be tested.  Anyone opting not to participate at this time may file a consent form and join a testing pool at her or his school at a later date.  But I urge you to join now.

As we move closer to reopening our schools full-time for in-person instruction participating in pooled testing will make our schools safer.  I hope you will consider this opportunity seriously.

Whether you consent to being tested or you choose not to take part, please submit your completed form by Monday, March 15.

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