This is William Cameron, the Superintendent of Schools in Lenox. An e-mail version of this message is being sent to you, as well.

During the workday today we discovered that, as a result of the high winds that occurred last night and into this morning in Lenox, some damage was done to certain areas of Lenox Memorial Middle & High School.

After speaking with the schools’ administrators, we have contracted with a firm to inspect the areas affected tomorrow, and to take the steps needed to enable the school to operate as usual, making the necessary repairs, during the day tomorrow. Because of the work we expect to be done in the building tomorrow, LMMHS will be closed to staff and students on Wednesday, March 3. We expect the school to reopen for in-person instruction on Thursday, March 4.

Morris Elementary School is unaffected by these circumstances, and will operate as usual tomorrow.

I regret having to make and then announce this decision after the end of the workday today. This may cause some inconvenience for teachers and students. Had we been aware of the problems sooner we would have taken action sooner.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I will do my best not make these calls a nightly occurrence.


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