This is William Cameron, the Superintendent of Schools in Lenox.    An e-mail version of this message is being sent to you.  In addition, a copy of this message will appear on the websites of the Lenox Public Schools, Morris Elementary School, and LMMHS.

The Lenox Public Schools will revert to fully remote instruction for Tuesday, February 2, 2021. All students in grades K-12 will be instructed remotely tomorrow.

Clerical staff may work remotely tomorrow, as well. Custodial personnel should report at a time agreed upon with the building principal to ensure snow clearance and removal for in-person instruction to resume on Wednesday, February 3.

The weather predicted for later this evening into tomorrow warrants this decision. Significant snowfall is anticipated, and the National Weather Service’s predictions for the snow’s lessening during the hours when students are to be transported to and from school are too uncertain to be counted on. Safe travel conditions cannot be reliably anticipated for the start of school, the midday change of cohorts, and the return of afternoon cohort students at the end of the school day tomorrow.

It is not impossible that some students’ Internet service may be interrupted or unavailable tomorrow due to heavy, wet snow and wind. Where this happens the student’s family should report this fact to the school the student attends. The teachers at Morris and LMMHS will ensure that no student is denied the benefits of instruction missed for technical reasons of this sort.

As I noted in my School messenger call yesterday, most families need as much notice as possible in order to make arrangements for supervision of their children on a day when in-person instruction is cancelled. A significant change in the forecast seems too unlikely for me to hold off making this call until early tomorrow morning. My doing so could and likely would exacerbate what I already know to be a problem for many of you.

If you must go out tonight or tomorrow, then please drive safely.




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