This is William Cameron, the Superintendent of Schools in Lenox.    An e-mail version of this message is being sent to you.  In addition, a copy of this message will appear on the websites of the Lenox Public Schools, Morris Elementary School, and LMMHS.

I’m cognizant of the childcare problems that arise when families receive short notice of changes in school schedules due to the weather. When weather forecasts are uncertain short notice may be unavoidable. But the National Weather Service exudes confidence in its prediction of a significant snowfall starting tomorrow and continuing through Tuesday night.

At this hour the NWS has no precise prediction of the amount of snow we will get throughout that period, but it expresses next to no doubt that it will be considerable and that it will we will start falling tomorrow, most likely around midday.

To take account of the probable worsening of driving conditions starting at or about noon tomorrow:

  • Morris Elementary School will have morning cohort students come to school tomorrow, Monday, February 1;
  • Students in the afternoon cohort will remain home in the afternoon and participate in their scheduled classes remotely. (The time the snow is predicted to begin and the predicted absence of high winds during the day on Monday make it unlikely that power outages and access to Internet service will result from the weather on Monday afternoon.)
  • To better ensure their safety and the safety of those who transport them, students who are scheduled to be in school all day on Monday, February 1, will be dismissed at the same time as the morning cohort.
  • Lenox Memorial Middle & High School does not have students in attendance in person on Mondays. All LMMHS students attend school remotely on Mondays. The LMMHS schedule will proceed as expected, and will be unaffected by tomorrow’s early closing of Morris.

What will be the case on Tuesday remains to be seen. No news at all from me tomorrow will mean that the NWS forecasts for tomorrow night into Tuesday were badly mistaken. Nevertheless, should you be growing weary of hearing from me via School Messenger, please be forewarned that you very well may receive another call and e-mail message from me tomorrow regarding school on Tuesday.

Please drive safely, and please take all the recommended precautions that can keep you and your family members safe during the pandemic.


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