This is William Cameron, the Superintendent of Schools in Lenox.    An e-mail version of this message is being sent to you.  In addition, a copy of this message will appear on the websites of the Lenox Public Schools, Morris, Elementary School, and Lenox Memorial Middle and High School. 
The National Weather Service is predicting that the high temperature in Lenox tomorrow will be 9° F, and that with gusts of up to 36 mph, the wind chill will be as low as – 22° F.  

Though some Lenox Public Schools students arrive at and leave school in private vehicles, others are transported by buses, and some walk.   This means that some of our students may be exposed to the severe conditions that are predicted to last throughout the day tomorrow.
In order to do all we can to keep all Lenox Public Schools students safe, school will not be held tomorrow, Friday, January 29, either for hybrid or remote instruction. High winds often bring down power lines and interrupt Internet service.  We have no way to know in advance whether anyone’s Internet access will be interrupted.  To ensure that all students have access to instruction when school is in session, we will not utilize fully remote learning tomorrow.
To repeat: because of extreme weather conditions predicted for tomorrow, the Lenox Public Schools will be closed tomorrow for both hybrid and remote instruction.  
To go with COVID-19 we now face the prospect of a day with Arctic-like weather.  Please do what you need to do in order for you and your family to stay safe in both of these adverse circumstances.



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