Season’s Greetings

Dear parents, guardians and students,

We want to wish everyone a healing and relaxful holiday break. This year has been not only difficult but traumatizing for so many. Our hope is that we can all find a way to take a step back, look at what is most important to us and find joy in family, friends and community.  

During this season, which can be so difficult for some, and so joyous for others, let’s remember to value everyone’s perspective, everyone’s opinion, and offer support to those we can.   

We hope you can share our intention that 2021 will be a year of recovery. We look forward to having the schools, once again, full of noisy hallways, creative classrooms and an active school community. We can accomplish this together by following the Massachusetts Covid-19 Health Guidelines. Please keep your holiday gatherings small, remember to social distance, wear your masks, disinfect (clean, clean, clean your hands) and if you choose to travel, get tested and quarantine per the Massachusetts Travel Restrictions.

Returning to healthy and safe school buildings on January 19th is our goal, and we hope it is yours as well. Please contact us prior to the start of classes with any health, illness or Covid related issues, concerns or questions.    

Health and Happiness to all,  Jen Drees & Kathleen Shove