This is William Cameron, Superintendent of the Lenox Public Schools.  In addition to this voice message, you will receive a written copy by e-mail.  The text of this message will also appear on the Lenox Public Schools’ website, as well as on the Morris and LMMHS websites.

      To date we have had a minuscule response to my September 10 School Messenger call and e-mail regarding students receiving “grab and go” meals.  To order meals please e-mail .  If you have no e-mail access then please call (413) 637-5537.  In either case leave a message with your student’s name and grade.   If you have more than one child in the Lenox Public Schools then please leave the names and grades of all those for whom you are asking for meals.   Please let us know whether you prefer all meals for the week at once or the single lunch to be taken home from school daily.   In order to limit visitations to schools by parents or others, a week’s meals all at the same time is the sole option for students remaining in remote learning.

      For those requesting a week’s meals all together, or, for students who are remaining in remote learning, meals should be picked up each Tuesday between 10:45 AM and 11:45 AM.   Meals should be picked up at the Lenox Memorial Middle-High School theater entrance.

      Our full-day students will order meals daily from their classrooms.  All students attending at Morris and LMMHS in person will order meals daily from their classrooms beginning Wednesday, October 14.

      Meals will be free to all students for now.  We may, however, at some point have to transition back to the National School Lunch Program, where students who do not qualify for free or reduced price lunch have to pay. 

      Finally, the transportation schedule for all students whose parents have requested busing has been provided today to those families.  If you believe you have requested transportation by the Lenox Public Schools and you have not received your student’s schedule for pick-up and drop-off then please contact your child’s school.

      Thank you.  My best wishes for a safe and pleasant weekend.