Parent Questionnaire


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      This is William Cameron, Superintendent of the Lenox Public Schools.  In addition to this voice message, you will receive a written copy by e-mail.  The text of this message will also appear on the Lenox Public Schools’ website, as well as on the Morris and LMMHS websites.


      As we look forward not only to resuming instruction remotely on September 14, but also to in-person instruction in our schools in October, we need information from parents and guardians about their intentions when schools reopen.  We need to know how many students will remain in remote learning indefinitely, how many will return in person when schools reopen, how many students still need a Chromebook, and, for those returning, whether your child will require transportation to and from school.   


      We are therefore sending every Lenox Public Schools student’s parent or guardian a short e-mail questionnaire.   The e-mail will include your child’s or children’s Local Agency School Identification (LASID) number.  You will need this information to complete the questionnaire.   With each question we provide some background information to help you make an informed decision.  We ask that you complete the questionnaire and submit it to the Lenox Public Schools by Friday, August 28.


      In addition, starting next week principals, other staff, and I will be holding virtual meetings with parents and guardians of Lenox Public Schools students.  This will enable us to provide you with more information about our plans and to answer your written questions.   The platform through which we will hold these meetings is Zoom.  Our meeting capacity on Zoom is 500 participants.  All these meetings will start at 6:30 PM, and last for up to one hour.   


      Later this week I will notify you of the dates and grade levels covered by the meetings.  This information will also be posted on the district’s and schools’ websites, as will the individual meetings’ Zoom invitation addresses.  For security reasons Zoom addresses will be posted only on the day the meeting will take place.


   Please do all you can to stay safe.  Masks, hand washing or sanitizing, social distancing, and avoiding large groups of people will go a long way toward suppressing the spread of the virus.


   Thank you.