Remote Learning Continues Through the End of This School year

As you may already have heard, Gov. Charles Baker announced at a noontime press briefing that all Massachusetts public and private schools will be closed through the end of June 2020.  The Governor’s order excludes residential schools for students with special needs.

In conformity with the Governor’s announcement, the Lenox Public Schools will continue remote learning for all students K-12 through the scheduled end of the 2019-2020 school year.  We anticipate that the date of the end of the current school year will be Wednesday, June 17.  Likewise, students enrolled in our district’s pre-K program will continue to be offered remote learning opportunities until that program concludes as scheduled in June.

The instructional, support, and administrative staff of the Lenox Public Schools will continue to do all we can to provide effective instruction and to improve the learning opportunities we offer to the children and young people who attend our schools.  These are challenging times for students and their families, to be sure.  They are no less challenging for our teachers, paraprofessional aides, and administrators.  We are therefore most grateful for your patience, perseverance, and continued support.

A final note.

We are working on plans for providing our graduating seniors with a worthwhile graduation ceremony.  It will almost certainly differ from the ceremonies of the past, where graduates, their families and friends, and the faculty and administration who have worked long and hard to help them succeed, assembled in The Shed at Tanglewood to celebrate all that the remarkable young people completing their senior year have accomplished.  But we intend for the event to be memorable, a fitting recognition under trying circumstances of how much our graduating seniors have given to us that makes us so proud of them.  Details will be forthcoming.