Health Information

Dear Lenox Public School families,

I hope this post finds you all healthy and safe at home. This is such a difficult time for all of us, but especially for our students and children. I know you’ve likely read a lot of information about Covid-19 and how to keep your family safe. I am writing today to share a document from the National School Nurses Association which I found very insightful, offering some great suggestions and resources for how to talk to and reassure your children. 03252020_NASP_NASN_COVID-19_parent_handout

Please know that your school nurses are available for health support during the school closure. You can contact Kathleen or me, via email or by leaving a voice message at one of the schools. Kathleen’s email for Morris is, and my email for LMMHS is If you choose to leave a voice message at one of the schools, please leave the phone number for call-back and a few times that are convenient for you to receive a call-back from one of us. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

I ask you to continue social distancing and explore self-care activities. I encourage you to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly to prevent the spread of illness, cover your cough and sneeze, routinely disinfect surfaces in your home. To maintain a healthy immune system try to eat healthy, stay hydrated, sleep well and find ways to create laughter.

Health and Happiness to all,

Jen Drees, BSN RN NCSN