From the Health Office

Dear School Community,

I am posting here, once again, to request that students who are not feeling well in the morning or were ill the night before school, stay at home to recover. I understand that school work missed is very important; however, student health is of paramount importance. It has been very difficult to see the number of students who have become ill with Strep Throat and Flu, knowing that often times they are being exposed here at school.

Although we have hand sanitizer in classrooms, remind students to use sanitizer or wash their hands well after using tissues, many don’t take the time needed for good hand hygiene. “Cover your cough” is constantly repeated throughout the school day, but this is difficult to enforce, and so germs are spread. During this time, when the community focus is on the Corona Flu, my focus is, and has been, on fighting the illnesses current in our school population. Prevention is the key to all illness, and hand-washing is the number one way to prevent the spread of illnesses; however, second most important is recovering at home when sick, to prevent the continued spread of illness to others.

It is so important to teach our children how to be healthy. As a school nurse I believe that it is my life’s work to help my students build a toolbox of healthy skills. One very important skill is self-care. I hope to teach the next generation that self-care is the key to any future success. It has been proven that students learn more, are more engaged in learning, and perform better when they are healthy; well rested, well fed and free from illness.

Here are the three things we all should be doing to create a healthy environment at school and at home:

               #1: Hand washing: soap and water for several minutes or use of        hand sanitizer to prevent germ spread.

               #2: Disinfecting common surfaces, especially if shared with others who are ill.

               #3: Stay home when you don’t feel well. Home is the best place to heal and recover from illnesses. Return to school or work when you feel well and can be productive.

Communication with school personnel is very important, especially during an extended illness. Having everyone on the team supporting your child is our goal, please include guidance and health staff when emailing your student’s teachers.

Health and Happiness,