Weekly Message Sept. 6th

Dear Colleagues,
The 2019-20 school year is underway!

This summer the Administrative Team and the School Committee began to discuss their “Portrait of a Lenox Graduate”, a collective vision that articulates aspirations for all students. Now more than ever, our graduates not only require the acquisition of rigorous academic content, but also the fostering of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and other 21st century skills in order to thrive in this complex rapidly changing world (Battelle for Kids, 2019). During this school year, faculty and staff will be queried regarding your vision for a Lenox Graduate. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and reflections.

Also in the coming year, we will focus our time and energy on “meeting the needs of all students and staff” through professional development in social and emotional learning, diversity and equity training, civic engagement, vocational opportunities, innovative curriculum and instruction, and school safety.

In this effort, to begin our school year at the elementary level, teachers and instructional support staff began their training in Framing Your Thoughts, a multi-sensory writing program through Project Read. Framing Your Thoughts is an evidence based program designed to improve students’ writing and creativity. At the middle and high school, teachers and staff participated in professional development provided by World of Difference – Anti- Defamation League and Gender Equity presented by Hillary Montigue-Asp from DESE Safe Schools. Thank you to the Professional Development Task Force for planning these engaging opportunities!

Your safety and the safety of our students remains a district priority and we will continue to be proactive in this regard. I want to reassure you that we have taken significant steps to strengthen the security of our buildings. We will be conducting Enhanced Lockdown Protocols – safety drills – at each school in the coming months, and we have enhanced our communications systems with local and state first responders.

During the summer, the walls at Lenox High School were demolished and reconstructed. Due to the hard work and dedication shown by Hank Maimin, Jeff Ano, and Mike Knybel the project was completed successfully and timely. Jeff and his team worked diligently after completion to restore classrooms to their original state with an added sparkle and shine!

Also during the summer, I met with the new teachers who are joining our district; I am impressed with their enthusiasm and with the high-quality skills they bring to our classrooms. Meanwhile, I have observed our veteran teachers are returning with renewed energy, eager to help our students continue on their own path to lifelong learning.
It is going to be a great year! Thank you for all that you do.

Enjoy the weekend!