2019-2020 School Reminders

Welcome back to a new school year. Overall, the Health Offices at both schools are in great shape, however we are still missing some important medical documents. Please be sure to send in updated emergency forms, medication forms for Over the Counter and Prescription medications. Please read the reminders below closely to see if they apply to your student:

  • Physicals and Immunization Records are REQUIRED for returning students entering Kindergarten, Fourth Grade, Seventh Grade and Eleventh Grade.
  • Immunization Exemptions, both medical and religious, must be updated ANNUALLY. Given the current public health concerns regarding unvaccinated citizens, please consider talking with your student’s provider about a catch-up schedule for getting your child vaccinated. Please see links provided for more information about the importance of getting everyone vaccinated for the health of our community.
  • If your student has any physical restrictions please provide medical documentation from providers. This includes any chronic health issue; annually updated documentation is required even if there are no changes from last year.
  • Provide the school Health Office with Epipens and Inhalers with current Action Plans.


Cold and Flu season is gearing up, please talk with your provider about getting an annual Flu Vaccine. I have included a link below with information from the CDC and the Massachusetts Public Health Department. Flu vaccine is available now at your local pharmacies and medical offices. You can help reduce school community illnesses by vaccinating against Flu and keeping sick students at home.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Flu Guide for Parents