Spring Reminders

With spring quickly approaching, I wanted to reach out to families with a few health reminders. It is my hope that Flu season is behind us; however, I continue to see nasal congestion, Strep Throat, some pneumonia and students with gastrointestinal issues.  Please remember that good health habits are often the key to a healthy immune system. Habits such as good hand-washing, proper sleep and healthy nutrition can significantly decrease the frequency of illnesses. I do my best at school to remind students to use hand sanitizer, wash their hands and cover their coughs while in school in an effort to contain illness. I would ask that students who are acutely ill with cold symptoms, having difficulty controlling a cough, sneezing or frequently blowing their nose, remain at home until they are beginning to feel well enough to return to the school community.

Spring signals the start of tick season and the spread of tick-borne illnesses. Please remind your students, and when appropriate, provide them with tick repellent, remind them to cover their arms, and tuck pants into socks when walking through tall grass. It is also important to do tick checks after being in areas where ticks frequent, grassy and wooded areas. Tick-borne illnesses can become chronic health conditions if not recognized and treated properly, so please help your student to understand the dangers of tick bites and how they can protect themselves. Our wellness staff and coaches remind students about tick safety, but it is always helpful for parents to complete the circle of knowledge and reinforce healthy habits. Please see your medical professional if you have questions about your child’s exposure to ticks, or concerns about a possible tick-borne illness. I have included the following websites for reference information: https://www.cdc.gov/ticks/index.html, https://www.mass.gov/tick-borne-diseases.

As a final reminder, please remember that updated physicals and immunization records are required for all Seventh and Eleventh Graders at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. If your student is playing a fall sport, please remember that physicals are only good for 13 months from date of exam. I invite you to call or email me to confirm the date of your student’s last physical on file at the school.

Health and Happiness,