Weekly Message – Jan 25th

Dear Colleagues,

As you may recall, earlier this school year the District made headlines regarding alleged incidents of “bullying” within our schools. To address these concerns, the Lenox School District is beginning a See Something – Say Something campaign. See Something – Say Something is an initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to promote school safety. Lenox’s purpose in joining this campaign is multifaceted although school safety, students’ mental health, anxiety, and, of course, bullying are at the forefront. Students in grades K-12 will learn about the initiative in various classes depending on their grade and developmental levels. Most importantly, students at both Lenox schools will continue to practice acts of kindness, how to be a good friend, and good character.

The second purpose of my letter today is to announce the District’s implementation of a new state of the art safety and bullying reporting application called Anonymous Alerts. The app allows students, parents, and other school personnel to maintain their confidentiality while calling attention to situations like bullying, safety concerns, student depression, drug and alcohol use, and other situations that may warrant immediate attention by school officials.

To use the revolutionary new app, students, parents, or other school personnel can simply download the anonymous alerts app directly from the Apple Store, Google Play store for Android, and the chrome store app form Google Chrome store. After downloading the app you can click it open and enter a simple username and password supplied by LPS. Informational posters explaining how to use the app will be displayed throughout the elementary (grades 4 and 5), middle, and high school beginning in early February. To load the app from home users can follow the directions that will be located on the District’s website under School Safety in early February. All reports are completely anonymous, although submitters have the option to reveal their identity if they prefer. Incidents can be reported anytime, however, the building principal will respond only between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm unless the incident being reported is more serious in nature.

In early February, for more information please visit the district’s website under School Safety or www.anonymousalerts.com

Have a great weekend!