Weekly Message – Jan 18th

Dear Colleagues,

The Social and Emotional Task Force has created a survey for students and parents to determine a baseline for our students’ social and emotional wellness. The parent survey is posted on the District website’s home page and students will be surveyed in their classrooms during the next few weeks.   The SEL survey questions are loosely derived from Panorama which is a research based, empirically sound survey tool created by researchers from Harvard University.   The questions assess student’s wellness in the following categories:  School Culture, Sense of Belonging, Grit, School Safety, Family Engagement, and Relationships with Teachers and Staff.  According to the research (see link below), each of these survey categories assesses students’ social emotional wellness according to the CASEL (Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning) standards and the CASEL standards are the impetus for the DESE SEL standards (see the CASEL standards wheel below).

After the surveys are completed (mid- February), the data will be compiled and analyzed by the Administrative Team.  The data from the Task Force survey combined with the results from the Berkshire United Way SEL survey and the DESE VOCAL survey will then be compiled and a final report of the survey data will be shared with the Task Force so that they can make recommendations and have input regarding the implementation of social emotional wellness programs and activities in our schools.  The thoughts and recommendations from the Task Force will then be shared with the Administrative Team for their consideration and determination of next steps.  Communication regarding the direction of social emotional wellness programs will be forthcoming through your building administration, LEA representatives, and these weekly messages.   If you have ideas or input that you would like to share, please reach out.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Enjoy the weekend!