Update – Weekly Message – Jan 4th

The family/community presentation has been rescheduled to April 25th

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you had a restful break and a happy new year!   I want to update you regarding next steps related to school safety and crisis management in our schools.  The administration and staff at LMMHS have done a great job past and present ensuring student safety using the ALICE protocol and the administration and staff at Morris are making excellent progress as well.  In order to further ensure student safety and maximize our resources, the district has invited the Massachusetts State Police to assist us in this effort.  The Massachusetts State Police procedure for student/school safety is called the Enhanced Lockdown Protocol; a “lighter”, more student friendly version of ALICE.  It is predicated on ALICE, but provides a softer, gentler, approach for our youngest students.  The protocol is used in some variation by most school districts in the Berkshires.

Initial training in the Enhanced Lockdown Protocol will be provided for all staff during the PD day on March 8th at LMMHS in the Duffin Theater.  The training will be conducted by state police, local police /fire, and the LMMHS administration.   Faculty and instructional support staff should plan to attend from 1-2pm and administrative assistants, custodial staff, and itinerants should plan to attend from 2-3pm.  Your building principal can provide you with further details.  You are also invited to attend the family/ community presentation of the protocol on April 25th @ 6:30pm at the Morris School Library.  The state police, local police and fire, and administration from LMMHS and Morris will be presenting and answering questions.  We hope you can join us!


As always, thank you for all that you do!

Have a great weekend!