Weekly Message – Dec 7th

Dear Colleagues,

The Lenox Public Schools Strategic Plan under the section titled School Climate, expects that LPS students will be offered an opportunity to take a leadership role in identifying areas for services and creating service activities. In that effort, I am creating a Superintendent’s Student Cabinet. The Cabinet’s mission is twofold; 1) to act as a conduit between Morris and LMMHS and between the schools and the community and 2) to do something that is “bigger than self” by way of service to the community. In early November, applications to participate on the Cabinet were sent to all students grades 6-12. I received 18 applications! Thank you to all of you who wrote a letter of recommendation for a particular applicant. However, as I am sure you can imagine, it is difficult to move initiatives forward with a group that size. To decrease the size of the group and as a final component of the selection process, I have been interviewing each applicant this past week at LMMHS. This has proven to be very interesting and challenging because, as you know, each applicant offers fresh ideas, positive attitude, and enthusiasm. I hope to compile a mix of students by grade, background, interests, and availability. I will inform each applicant of their status next week via e-mail. The Cabinet will hold its first meeting in January after school hours. I look forward to sharing their ideas and activities with you in the spring!

Have a great weekend!