Berkshire SuperGenarians

Hall Walking in the Lenox Public Schools Is Up and Running! (OK—it’s up and walking.)

Implementing a suggestion from Berkshire SuperGenarian co-founders (and Lenox residents), Mary Jane Incorvia Mattina and Francine Weinberg, the Lenox Public Schools Department encourages residents to keep fit inside even if there is snow, rain or sleet outside by walking our Lenox Public School corridors. The Department has a few simple guidelines for walkers:

· Walking is permitted only on days that school is in session, NOT half-days, vacation periods, or weather related closings
· Walking at LMMHS is permitted on Tu, We, Th from 3:00 to 5:00
· Walking at Morris is permitted on Tu, We, Th from 3:45 to 5:00
· All walkers are requested to wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes.
· Please enter either school at the main entrance. There will be benches at both schools for changing into walking shoes and for leaving jackets and outerwear.
· Please sign in the log book at LMMHS. No sign in is required at Morris and no sign-out is required at either school.

If you have questions or comments please send them to

Happy Walking!