Weekly Message – Oct 12th

I would like to take a moment to update you regarding our school security efforts this year. First, our building administrators accompanied me at ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) training this summer. For some it was a review and for others, like myself, it was an eye opening experience regarding students’ safety in schools. At the conclusion of the training, it was apparent that although we have many sound practices for student safety in our district, more detail and consistency across schools is needed. While our schools have cameras, buzzers, and other technological safety measures, our most important safety measures are the relationships that we collectively build and maintain with our School Resource Officer (SRO) Bill Colvin, the Lenox Police and Fire, and our families. Now, we are expanding our relationships to include Massachusetts State Police and, of course, all of you. The role that each of you will play moving forward is critical. Security training for staff and students by the Massachusetts State Police in concert with our Lenox Police and Fire will begin in early November. I recognize that elements of this preparation may create anxiety both for us as adults, and for students. I feel it as well, but I also know that we have a responsibility for preparedness to help ensure that our schools are safe learning spaces. I appreciate our new partnership with the Massachusetts State Police and the coordination efforts of our wonderful Lenox Police and Fire Departments. Most of all, I am grateful to our staff and administration for not only managing these many new activities, but also for your primary role in supporting our students.

Have a nice weekend!