Weekly Message – Sept 28th

Dear Colleagues,

Happy Friday to you all on this very raw afternoon. For me, the past couple weeks have been filled with community members coming forth to tell me their stories of “bullying” in the Lenox Public Schools and to offer their support and words of wisdom for moving forward. These conversations have been heartbreaking, but educational. Like many of you, my ride home to Worcester in the evenings has been consumed by the news coverage of the Supreme Court nomination process. As I listened to the many segments of the process and watched as events unfolded, I felt a variety of emotions. I was incredibly moved by Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony and moved by her courage as she recounted her story before a national audience. As a mother of an 18 year old daughter, I hope that she never has to endure such a traumatic experience. As an American, I was embarrassed by the senators’, at times, lackadaisical attitude toward Dr. Blasey Ford’s alleged assault as well as their public attack of a man with a distinguished history as a circuit judge. I am not sure what the “right” answer is, but I know this public spectacle is not it. As an educator, I feel challenged to ensure that we are providing an environment in our schools where there is a capacity for mutual respect and care among all students to stand strong for themselves and for each other. The time is now to teach our students respect for each other regardless of a person’s gender, sexual orientation, color, ethnicity, or difference. I thank you for helping me in this effort!

Have a wonderful weekend!