Welcome to 2016-2017!

After a busy summer that included the addition of new staff and students, some major facilities projects and some important curriculum and program development, we’re back for another year of learning and growth.
My initial read on the start of the school year is very positive. Teachers and students I have spoken with all report that they are happy to be back. In fact, one young person entering sixth grade this year described his experience in his new building as “super-awesome.”

Starting a new school year requires a lot of organization and planning and, by the first day of school, many pieces of a puzzle have to fall into perfectly place. This year, the work of staffing our schools has been extended as retirements and mid-summer resignations created openings that had to be posted and filled. Some of the openings were filled by internal transfer which then created new openings that had to be filled. I’d like to recognize our building and program leaders (Carolyn Boyce, Ellen Farris, Brian Cogswell, Mike Jackson, and Mike Knybel) for patiently staffing our schools with the most qualified individuals and simultaneously seeing to the numerous preparations that made for a smooth start to this school year.

I’d like to remind families of two important dates when you’ll learn more about what’s new for 2016-2017 at our two schools:

Thursday, September 15 is Back-to-School-Night at LMMHS. The evening starts at 6:30 and is primarily for parents only.

Thursday, September 22 is Open House at Morris. This event takes place in two “shifts” due to parking limitations. For parents visiting grades PK-2, classrooms will be open starting at 6:15. For families wanting to check out grades 3-5, the start time will be 7:15. Parents and students are invited to attend Open House at Morris.

I encourage all parents and families to come out and see what’s new for the 2016-2017 school year at both of these events. I wish everyone a successful school year of challenge and growth.