Thank You Retirees!

As I reflect on the school year during these final few weeks of school, I feel a sense of satisfaction that ours is a public school system that works, consistently bringing students to a high level of achievement. I feel a sense of gratitude for the efforts of many people who make our schools places of personal and academic growth, and I’d like to take some blog space this month to offer my thanks to a few important people who have retired this year or will be entering retirement at the end of this school year.

Toni Furcinite has been a reading tutor and academic interventionist at the elementary level for more than 41 years. During this time she has helped generations of elementary students master basic their skills.

Bill Irvin is retiring from the English department at LMMHS where he has been teaching juniors and seniors for 15 years. Dr. Irvin is known for his intelligence, his dedication, and his commitment to academic and personal excellence. Dr. Irvin also taught for many years in the Pittsfield schools before coming to Lenox.

Pete Paoli retired mid-year after nearly 40 years as custodian at LMMHS.  Pete is well known to many as a dedicated employee and a good person who made a significant contribution to the life of the school for many years.

Debbie Roche, a kindergarten teacher at Morris for 19 years and a classroom assistant for 10 years prior, has been dedicated to our youngest students for nearly three decades. Mrs. Roche retires having taught hundreds of now successful students who started their school experience in her classroom.

Mike Steurewald retired mid-year from the position of Lead Custodian at Morris School. Mike knew the Morris building like no one else and took a lot of pride in his work. Many youngsters knew Mike as “cookie monster” and will miss him in the cafeteria.

Though not retiring, we are also saying good-bye to Mrs. Janice Moran, a high school math teacher at LMMHS. Janice has served the Lenox Schools since 2001 and is widely respected and admired for teaching skills, her dedication to students, and her leadership in the math department.

To all of these valued staff members, I again say “thank you” and wish you much happiness in whatever lies beyond the school day and school year.